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Our Story

May's Journey started as a Master's Project with Chaima Jemmali as Lead Designer and Developer, Zijian Yang as Artist and Designer, and Prof. Jennifer deWinter as Adviser.

Since then, the game kept evolving, winning the MassDiGi Pitch Contest Grand Prize.

Finally, the project has been selected for funding by two programs from the National Science Foundation; Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) and STEM + Computing (STEM + C). The project is entitled "Using Game Design Mechanics as Metaphors to Enhance Learning of Introductory Programming Concepts" with Prof. Magy Seif El-Nasr as Principal Investigator.



  • Chaima Jemmali


  • Chaima Jemmali (Lead)
  • Rahul Ravindran

Character Concept Art

  • Ali Swei

3D Character Models

  • Jarien Sky
  • Zijian Yang

User Interface

  • Chaima Jemmali (Lead)
  • Erica Kleinman


  • Isaac Schutz

Research & Learning

  • Chaima Jemmali
  • Magy Seif El-Nasr
  • Erica Kleinman
  • Sara Bunian
  • Elizabeth Rowe
  • Ma. Victoria Almeda

Art Assets



  • Northeastern University
  • Edge at TERC
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Schools & Clubs

  • Boston Public Schools
  • Dover-Sherborn Middle & High Schools
  • Girls Who Code

Teachers & Instructors

  • Sandra Sammarco
  • Eric Henry
  • Ryan Keser
  • Kelly M Luis
This Project is funded by the National Science Foundation. Arawrd ID: 1810972. More information here.